Best. Absolute. Perfect.

My name is Akeyla.
My birthday is 09/24/95.
I'm a freshman at the University of Texas-Arlington (2014-2015)
Major: Psychology
♥: Shingeki No Kyojin, B.A.P, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Manga, Anime, Kill La Kill & ETC...

Don't be afraid to talk to me!

My 3DS FRIEND CODE 0060-9613-3120
ACNL DREAM ADDRESS 4200-2123-5468

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| "when u dont wanna sound too excited about something lame"

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shoutout to the cyclommatus stag for not being as much of a pissbaby as the other beetles

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Zodiac Libra thought.


Zodiac Libra thought.


New 3DS confirmed for better 3D graphics, better CPU, faster internet downloads, a second analog stick and a camera that can sense your face and will wipe your tears as you hand Nintendo all of your money to buy the exclusive games

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New room is all finished!


New room is all finished!

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we were all having a nice time but that all changed when my allergies attacked :(

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